The Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline (ASAP) Project Staff is comprised of a team of industry professionals delivering over 100 years of comprehensive oil and gas experience. The project team offers senior level expertise in the areas of engineering, state and federal government regulations/requirements, project management, commercial relationships, pipeline experience and financing.

ASAP Project Office

Alaska Gasline Development Corporation
Calais Building One
3201 C Street
Suite 200
Anchorage, AK 99503

907.330.6300 Main
855.277.4491 Toll-Free
907.330.6309 Fax

ASAP Project Team

Dave Haugen, PMP
VP Project Management

Brad Chastain, CPG
Pipeline and Instate Gas Manager

Lisa Haas
Environmental and Regulatory Manager

Dr. Keith Meyer, P.E.
Pipeline Engineering Manager

Edgar Cowling
Senior Technical Manager

Kalb Stevenson, PhD
Environmental Lead

David Manzer
ERL Land Lead

Lisa Parker
Stakeholder Engagement